• This course provides a thorough survey of the Earth Sciences for students with limited backgrounds in the subject. The important theme, Earth as a system, is introduced at the beginning of the course and carried throughout, helping students develop awareness and appreciation of the important interdependencies among earth's spheres. Content in this course is aligned to the current California Earth Science Content Standards.

    Self enrolment
  • Environmental science is the study of human impact on the environment. This course uses concepts from multiple scientific disciplines to help students understand their global and local environments.

    Semester 2 examines the physical, non-living components of the enviroment.

    Self enrolment
  • This course contains assignments for both Foundational and College Prep. Biology, although each class will only be able to see assignments that are applicable to that class.

    The foundational course provides a thorough survey of the Biological Sciences.

    The college prep course Includes more rigorous assignments and a classroom-based lab in addtion to online assignments. 

    Self enrolment
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